Vive Kuelap is an organization that believes in tourism as a means to preserve our history, protect our rivers, forests and animals and integrate sharing experiences that will strengthen our bonds of friendship and reduce our differences during your visit. Since 2009 we are an important part of tourism development in the Amazon region. We have explored caverns, mountain trails, rivers, and lagoons, designed multiple travel proposals, organized tourism associations and conferences for tourism achieved by our strong partnerships and so today invite you to live with us Amazonas, our paradise . Live Kuelap, is the hallmark of our organization, our vocation of service experience and knowledge guarantee a good service that we hope will be recommended. We have made alliances with the best service providers and achieved the best prices in the market, each one of us is in continuous preparation and our services are periodically evaluated; We always seek to provide the best travel experience in Amazonas and the fairest price.


Do you want to volunteer? The children and young people of the province of Rodríguez de Mendoza want to learn the English language and we will give you a heavenly place to be in reward for your great contribution. Leave your mark in the hearts of those who help.


  • Minimum period 30 days of classes
  • Minimum Class Hours of 15 hours per week
  • Search for a new volunteer to continue the program (optional)
  • Have higher education
  • Work experience
  • Past to Interview
  • Be a native english speaker