Mausoleums of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba



The archaeological complex Mausoleos de Revash, is a sample of the funerary style of the Chachapoyas culture, the mausoleums in the form of rectangular houses with roofs of two falls on the mountain cliff sheltered the mummified bodies of Chachapoyas leaders and their designs of animals in the The walls of the rocks show admiration and respect for their environment, the designs of chacana in low relief imply their link with the Andean Cosmovición and its astronomical knowledge, with a great landscape around it can be visited through road crossing the villages of Santo Tomas and San Bartolo with a walk of 1.4 km at an altitude of 2650 meters above sea level.

The Leymebamba Museum houses the largest collection of mummies in the world (219 mummies), a unique museum in Peru, with samples of the Inca Culture, Chachapoyas and the influences of the Spanish colony on pre-Hispanic cultures, the very beautiful museum in its interior, as in its exterior areas, was built in 2000 to protect the mummies and the articles found like ceramics, quipus, looms, musical instruments, among others that remained hidden in the mausoleums of the rocks that surrounded the Laguna de Los Condores , the museum has received economic and cultural contributions from prestigious universities around the world, in front of the museum we will see endemic hummingbirds in the company of a good coffee.

Tour Mausoleums of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba Full Day
Location Mendoza, Amazonas, Perú
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  • 7:30 AM Breakfast
  • 8:00 AM Departure by bus to the town of San Bartolo located at 1.30 h from Chachapoyas.
  • 9:30 AM Guided tour on a 1.4 km hike for the sighting of the Mausoleums of Revash
  • 11:00 AM Departure to the Leymebamba District
  • 12:30 AM Lunch at Leymebamba restaurant
  • 2:00 PM Guided tour inside Mallqui Center – Leymebamba Museum
  • 4:00 PM Hummingbird sighting
  • 4:30 PM Departure to the city of Chachapoyas
  • 6:30 PM Approximate arrival to the city of Chachapoyas

We recommend the use of comfortable sneakers with grip templates that allow you to walk safely on rocks, clay and grass in different levels and conditions, the use of sunblock a hat or cap, sunglasses, rain jacket light, pants, mangalarga polos , sweater, repellent. The height is of 2158 msnm in Leymebamba and 2650 in Revash, with cold winds.